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In early 2015 graphic artist Michael Shanoski had a vision and dream. He is a successful designer in the corporate world but he longed to spread his creative wings. After a trip to his home town, he was re-energized and wanted to share his new found creativity in his adopted home town of
Charlotte North Carolina.

After some brainstorming and encouraging words from friend Jahuie McCrary, Michael started the company We Live the Finest, LLC. He wanted this brand to be a platform for artists to create and curate a lifestyle. Michael's mantra is a quote he read years ago that says, "If no one thinks you can, you have too".

Michael asked Jahuie to come on board because of his extensive background in sales, operations & interpersonal skills. Jahuie felt compelled not just to assist but to partner with Michael to turn his dream into a reality. We Live The Finest, LLC was born. Within five months the company had registered two distinctive brands, one titled after the company's name sake "We Live the Finest" and "Carolina's Finest".

Under the registered brands We Live The Finest & Carolina's Finest we want to reach those magnetic forces that strive to be the best they can be everyday they walk this earth. Michael also wants to open his company up to artist and designer friends to use this platform to promote/sell their finest creations. 
As you live your finest don't forget to share that success by hashtaging #welivethefinest & #carolinafinestofficial on Instagram & Facebook and if you want to share a personal story send a note to